2016 “Hailey Day” Lunch in the Netherlands

The meeting will take place in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) on April 8 at 12 noon with lunch in ‘De Leemer Hoef’. Therefore we ask for registration on hailey.huid@gmail.com FLYER: Hailey Day Eindhoven April 8 Eindhoven English 050316 A-M_LV … Read More

Common Remedies

Common Over-The-Counter Remedies Here is a list of easy to find, over the counter (in the US) items that some of our members find useful. Remember, what works for one may not work for another… NOTE: This list is offered … Read More

Yahoo Support Group: TalkHHD

If you or a loved one have HHD, we welcome you to join our Yahoo Support Group. TalkHHD began in 2003 after the haileyhaileydisease.com email listserve was disbanded. The group moved to Yahoo and this website and is still the … Read More

HHD Forums

  Notice: The HHD Forums have been discontinued due to spam. Please join our support group TalkHHD on Yahoo Groups.  If you do not want to sign up for a Yahoo Group account, you may still receive/send messages to the … Read More

Patient Letter to Healthcare Team

April 2007: The HHD Society is pleased to offer patients a “Letter to Healthcare Team” that they can fill out with their medications and present to a new doctor’s office or when visiting a new clinic or hospital to help … Read More