HHD Society

Our Michigan (US) nonprofit corporation and registered charitable trust, Hailey-Hailey Disease Society, was formed in January of 2006 by the managing sub-group of the HHD Support Group, TalkHHD, a Yahoo Group.

Membership dues ($50.00 annually). We offer a secure, verified PayPal account link to make giving easy, or send your dues and/or gifts directly to us. Information is on every page of our website.

We appreciate your generosity!

>IRS Forms< for 2006 – 2012 are available to view online.

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Patient Letter to Healthcare Team

April 2007:

The HHD Society is pleased to offer patients a “Letter to Healthcare Team” that they can fill out with their medications and present to a new doctor’s office or when visiting a new clinic or hospital to help their healthcare team better understand their HHD.